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May 30, 2010
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Design Your Own Kisko by Tesseri-Shira Design Your Own Kisko by Tesseri-Shira

MS Paint friendly! (as long as you know how to save it correctly see below) CLICK DOWNLOAD TO SAVE 'Friendly' VERSION Free Template! Free for use! (so don't ask. just go for it! unless you want to take it off site.)

Free lineart You must follow the rules:

-Free for use! (though a donation of points for using it often encourages me to make even more free lineart! *winkwink*)

- You must credit me (and a optionally have a link back to the base in the deviation comment)

-NO REMOVING THE COPYWRITE! Must stay on or I'll report it as theft. NOTE: You can remove it temporarily to add a background, but then you must add one on to your finished image.

-Please send me a link of it completed! I luv seeing my lineart colored and it makes me want to make more!

-You may use as a base for characters, however Please tell me if you are going use it on a site other than DA.

-If you accidentily remove the Copywrite, contact me to make sure I don't report you for art theft.


-NONE OF MY LINEART CAN BE USED FOR PROFIT OF ANY KIND. That includes Real Money, Virtual Money, Prizes, Etc. If you are even WONDERING about whether your actions count as gaining 'profit' assume yes, and remove the offending picture. If you are still really unsure, send me a message and I will get back to you about it ASAP. If you do gain a profit, I will report you and if you do not want the problem to explode, I expect the proceeds you have recieved to be directed to me. In extreme cases, I can and will take legal action if necessary. Adoptables count as profit in most cases (unless you are giving them away). Breedables count as profit (unless you are giving the offspring designs away).

-Distribution of this lineart without my permission is not allowed, and I will take action against offenders.

(c) Tesseri-Shira (me!)
Click the 'Download' button, maximize the picture in the window, right click and scroll on the popup menu down to 'Save As', give the file a different name than the automatic one if you want, on the file type scroll to BMP, TIF, Or PNG (whichever is there) OTHER FILE TYPES WILL NOT WORK.

Species: Kisko
Ears: Cropped (in this picture at least) Usually Kisko ears are long, stiff and grow in a corkscrew shape.
Tail: Cropped (in this picture at least) Usually Kisko tails are twice as long as their body and split into two tips at the end.
Epidermis: Kiskos have a dense coat of very short (so short it does not even appear to be fur), velvet-like fur.
Their skin in tough as leather, but stretchy
Coloration: Kiskos can be a range of colors, but there is always a separation of topside and underside. Their tongue is tipped with bioluminescent tissue which they use as a lure. Some Kiskos have other bioluminescent markings. Kiskos' eyes are ALWAYS red and their nose and tongue are ALWAYS the color they are in this picture. No two kiskos are exactly alike in appearance.
Anatomy: Kisko's have a mildly venomous sedative in their bite (enough to kill a chihuahua, but humans would just suffer a comma for 2-3 days), and have no ankle joints. Because of their lack of ankle joints, Kiskos had trouble moving fast if their heavy tail is not cropped. Their pupil is a '+' shape with sharp pointed ends.
Their spine is heavily curved and does not straighten much unless they are stretching.
Gait: Kiskos have to trot, using their shoulders as shock absorbers then shoving off into a bouncy looking move. (note: their toes do have small joints, but they are not very useful for anything except a little extra lift while running)
Size: They are a little smaller than a house cat.
Lifespan: 11-13 years
Diet: Omnivorous (they will eat ANYTHING. they are like sharks or crocs, they can even digest metal, but prefer sweet things like fruit.)
Relationships: Live in large groups called a 'Bound'
Mating Habits: Kiskos are all about show (hence the wild coloration) and so for mating season (typically around the end of the rainy season), there is a strange night when bounds gather from many reaches of the jungles in which they dwell into a usually large clearing. Males usually arrive first, and start to blow spit bubbles and foamy bits, which are gooey and stick to the forest foilage and ground. These bubbles catch the glow from their bioluminescent markings (and for the less lucky ones they only have their tongue to glow) and the reflecting light attract the females. When they arrive, the males typically start 'dancing' (bouncing, spinning, flipping, looping etc.) around their bubbles and trying to create the most impressive light display. The ones with less bioluminescence typically have to make lots more bubbles than others to impress any female.
Then the females might join the dance if they see a male they might choose, but if she doesn't choose him after dancing for a little bit, she'll destroy his bubbles and move on. To keep this from happening, sometimes a male might chase off a female he thinks is 'out of his league' so he won't loose the chance at finding a mate.
When a pair does choose each other, the female starts mimicking the male's dance. When this happens the male will destroy his own bubbles to show he and his mate are 'off the market', then they will go off with each other to... you know.
Sometimes, young, inexperianced, competitive rogue males will try to destroy other's spit bubbles, which ultimately is not good for any of them because it ruins anyone's chance. The rogues are usually chased off, and sometimes killed.
In the end, Bounds often get mixed up by this and leave missing members, but having gained new ones. Males will typically leave their bound and join the females for the season and bring her little 'gifts' and 'trinkets' while they raise their young and they will stay together for that time, but they will split up when the next mating season comes. It is pausible that the same pair might meet up again, but it doesn't happen often.
Habitat: Heavily sub tropical climates
Sound: High pitched squeak calls, and low clicking chatter.
Other: Kiskos are curious little things, with a sly gene somewhere in their DNA. They are quite hard to find, and very ferocious if captured, but if given the chance trust can develop and they become the utmost loyal and want-to-please-you companions. Unfortunately this loyalty can turn to selfish infatuation if the kisko is excessively doted on, and it will try to keep EVERYONE/THING away from its master. Kiskos also only ever have such a bond with one person, until the end of its life. Owning multiple kiskos can solve the infatuation problem, but weakens the one-on-one relationship. (This kind of relationship only happens outside of there species, as they are extremely curious and quick to try claiming some object foreign to them, even a living being as 'theirs'.)

Note: I gave the template gray scale to distinguish the universal coloring of all Kiskos. Use MS Paint's Eraser trick to change the color, or fill bucket. Other programs might have a color replacement tool that can do the same. Any kind of markings can be added over the base.
Here are some examples: [link] [link] [link]

Kiskos are (C) me DO NOT STEAL.
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